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Don't take our word for it, here are some words from our fabulous customers...

"Wow! It’s beautiful. So rich & thick & creamy. Having tried all the commercial stuff, yours is on a different level.

Thank you!"

- Andrew

"I ordered your amazing Kefir online and now we are hooked.  I will definitely be arranging a monthly order!"

- Karmen, Glasgow.

"Once again many thanks for supplying me with your amazing kefir product.
Jess I have suffered for years with digestive problems, I run my own Removal Business, I travel south every other week.
I decided to purchased the kefir. My reason for the purchase was purely for its digestive benefits as I suffer bad with digestive issues at times, it's very very uncomfortable at times I can only eat a few fork fulls of food then I am bloated and have to stop eating, it's very frustrating , I have tried everything to help with these issues.
Jess I can honestly say your product is amazing and has totally transformed my digestive health, I have a very physical job Jess with long demanding hours and having good digestive health is very very important and thanks to your product you have changed my life.
I will be looking to purchase regular Jess to keep my digestive system healthy, I would also love to try your milk also.
Thanks again Jess to you and your amazing product."

- John McCrorey, Scotland

"I ordered your amazing Kefir online and now we are hooked.  I will definitely be arranging a monthly order!"

- Karmen, Glasgow.

"Thank you for our first order that we received last week. Everything went swimmingly. It really is the best Kefir we have tasted!

We were very happy with the ordering and the delivery. The packing was spot on."

- Mr & Mrs Spencer, Gloucester

"I've been aware of kefir for a while now, good for cyclists and have been getting it on a regular basis.

It appears to be a business just like any other. Buys in what it needs, processes, brands and sells it. Not for me if I can help it.

I saw your products immediately identifiable. Your farm, your cows, sorry, Ladies, and bought them. Milk, buttermilk, kefir. One gulp and I was sold. Your kefir blows others out of the water.

I'm done with the others and very glad I found yours."

- Bob, Stourbridge

"Thank you SO SO SO MUCH, for the kefir, it arrived today and it’s outstanding! Please come and visit us if you are ever in London!"
- Henrietta, London

The judges of the Great Taste Awards described our Organic Kefir as having ‘a texture that is deliciously rich and smooth-tangy, grassy clean

 on the palate. Creamy richness yet light and simple. Delicious!'

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