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Jess’s Ladies Organic Kefir?

What is so special about Jess’s Ladies Organic Kefir? Kefir is special we have no doubt about it. The benefits are broad ranging and well documented. Full of a complex and highly variable community of lactic acids and yeasts, many claim Kefir persistently alters the gut to aid digestion and health. Even a small amount a day, around 160ml, is enough to have beneficial effects on the gut biome and the complex web of interactions many aspects of our body, health and mental well-being makes in relation to it. ​


Our Kefir is made using our whole milk. We try to make Kefir that extra bit special, by making sure that it’s ingredients are second to none and as fresh as they can possibly be. Made on-site at our idyllic family farm in Gloucestershire, using unhomogenised award winning milk from our own herd of cows (or the ladies to their friends!) who we milk and care for ourselves everyday. We know every bit of love and care that goes in to every drop.

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A creamy, tangy dairy drink packed full with even more 'good' bacteria than it's distant cousin the yoghurt. Made onsite at our farm using unhomogenised organic milk from our very own herd of 'Ladies'. Simply pasteurised with some added Kefir magic.


An order includes 5 x 750ml bottles of our Kefir, which is enough to last you 3 weeks.


A reminder that orders placed after 9am Monday will be delivered the following Thursday.

Organic Kefir (5 x 750ml)

  • 750ml

    Pastuerised but unhomogenised.

    Ingredients: pastuerised milk, cultures* and that's it!

    * Non organic ingredient.

    Once open, please consume within 10 days.

What the Judges say


The judges of the Great Taste Awards described our Organic Kefir as having ‘a texture that is deliciously rich and smooth-tangy, grassy clean on the palate. Creamy richness yet light and simple. Delicious!'


For wholesale purchases please send a message or call ‭
07974 024 028‬   ​


Within minutes of leaving our cows, our milk is beginning its culturing process on its journey to becoming Kefir and ready to be delivered direct to your home. Your delivery will have left one of our lovely ladies on Monday morning and be on your doorstep by Thursday. We make our Kefir to order by hand and this takes a few days, then it's shipped to you overnight in an insulated box to arrive with you super fresh!

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