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We are confident that our milk, cream, kefir, cultured buttermilk and natural yoghurt cannot taste any better. Letting the natural flavours shine through is key to everything we produce from our onsite dairy and is achieved by treating our super fresh unhomogenised organic milk with as much love and care as the ladies and beautiful farmland who help us produce it. Passion to produce the best dairy products we possibly can, has earnt the ladies many accolades.

Possibly the best Kefir in the world?
Most recently Jess’s Ladies Organic Kefir became the only kefir anywhere in the world to win 3 stars in the Great Taste Awards 2022. Being based purely on blind tasted flavour, the Great Taste Awards are a brilliant way of proving that dairy can taste amazing. Every one of our products has won stars over the past 15 years, with 90 stars in total. We have multiple 3 star products and our natural yoghurt is in the World Top 50 food listings. It has been an incredible journey, with our double cream even winning the golden fork award in 2016!

Guardian and Observer Best Food Producer 2019:
Having our produce tasted and celebrated by some of the biggest names in the culinary world to win the Guardian and Observer OFM BEST PRODUCER AWARD 2019 was a huge privilege for our small herd of 70 ladies from Gloucestershire. Many chefs repute our cultured product ranges to be the finest they have tried with our cultured buttermilk gaining a lot of very famous fans! As our reputation grows, we hope to see new stockists and chefs, both at home and professionally, using our produce. We have nationwide shop options available and we can cater to trade. Please enquire directly if you'd like to find out more.

To go alongside the awards, this lovely video was also made, which highlights what we do at the farm.

In amongst our Great Taste Awards, Golden Fork 2016 and OFM 2019 we have also been Organic Producer of the Year for Cotswold Life Magazine 2008 and Champion Dairy Producer at the Taste Of The West Awards 4 times. The BBC also featured Jess’s Ladies on its programme ‘A Farmers Country Showdown‘ episode 18, series 5.


Alongside our award-winning organic unhomogenised skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole and special breakfast milk and cream, we produce an increasing range of cultured dairy products including Kefir, Luxurious Natural Yoghurt and Cultured Buttermilk. All available for nationwide delivery.



Within minutes, our ladies' organic milk is beginning its transformation to becoming your bottles of fresh, organic, award-winning kefir.

Please visit our dedicated Kefir page for more information and to order online.


Luxurious Natural Yoghurt is simply made with our unhomogenised milk and cultures. We don't add any sugars, sweeteners, or stabilisers. The flavour is totally at the mercy of those in the milk, the pastures, and the seasons. It is totally natural, rich and intense compared to the mainstream mass produced alternatives. It is ‘real’ natural yoghurt and once tasted it is difficult to forget!

Order 250ml or 500ml via the Natural Grocery Store here. Get in touch if you would like larger containers.


Cultured Buttermilk is achieving rave reviews with chefs nationwide. Perfect for extra fluffy pancakes, delicious baking, or marinading meats to improve tenderness and flavour, it is an asset in any kitchen. It's naturally low in fat and made with our organic skimmed milk, but high in vitamins. Our buttermilk can also be whizzed into tangy smoothies and rehydration drinks. It is available in 1 pint bottles or large containers by arrangement. Please contact us directly to enquire about larger quantities for bakeries or restaurants. 

Order via the Natural Grocery Store.


Our Milk is not only organic and totally traceable but also unhomogenised. Within hours it is gently pasteurised in our state-of-the-art dairy onsite at our farm, which is designed to damage it as little as possible, retaining all its natural flavour. You can read more about homogenisation, pasteurisation and the differences here.
We produce award-winning unhomogenised Skimmed, Semi-skimmed, Whole and Special breakfast milk (just like the old gold top-creamy heaven!).

Order 1 litre bottles via the Natural Grocery Store or get in touch for larger quantities.


Cream (Double, Single and Extra Thick) is one of Jess’s Ladies specialities. It is very popular amongst chefs because it doesn't split under heat. It's also very successful at food awards everywhere due to its flavour (3 stars ***, golden fork, world top 50 foods). Available in 250ml tubs or larger containers by arrangement. It is so good it is usually in very short supply!

Order Single Cream or Double Cream from the Natural Grocery Store or get in touch for larger quantities.

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