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On our farm, looking after our ladies, wildlife and farmland is why we do what we do. We take huge pride in doing the best we possibly can every day, alongside our most treasured business partners - our ladies.

Once our organic milk passes to our onsite dairy, it is all about letting the natural flavour shine and doing justice to the incredible organic milk our ladies produce. Having it on the shelf at our stockists, restaurants or our Kefir on its way to homes all over the country via mail order within hours means it really cannot be any fresher and I’m confident cannot taste any better.


Milk is incredibly fragile and needs treating with the same love and care as our ladies that produce it to maintain its flavour. We add nothing to any of our products. We rely totally on the natural flavours of the beautiful organic milk our ladies produce.

After the mornings milking, our on-farm milk processing plant allows us to deliver our milk, cream, and yoghurt to shelves by lunchtime. It also enables us to make our kefir and cultured buttermilk within minutes. It does not get any fresher being on shelf within 4 hours and we are proud of every product that leaves our dairy. Pasteurised gently whilst it's super fresh, but not homogenised, our produce is all about flavour, as our many awards will stand testimony to. 

We are very proud of our beautiful cows, the ladies, many of whom live to be 3 or 4 times the average age of a dairy cow! They live in a small herd cared for by us daily. Every cow has her own personality, and we milk them, move them, and tend to them every day. They know us and we know them very well and with them by our sides; it has been an incredible journey since launching our brand, Jess’s Ladies Organic Farm Milk 15 years ago. 


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Our Family

The Vaughan's have been farming at Hardwicke for 3 generations along side their herd of ladies....


Our Farm & Dairy

Hardwicke Farm is a picturesque landscape of traditionally rotated and farmed pasture, intermingled with woodland, oak trees and endless ancient hedgerows.

Our Kefir

Find out more about our fabulous unhomogenised kefir 


How We're Different

Looking after our ladies, our wildlife and farmland is why we do what we do...


Award Winning Products

We are confident that our milk, cream, kefir, cultured buttermilk and natural yoghurt cannot taste any better....


Our Ladies and Calves

They are our most treasured business partners...

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