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My family has farmed at Hardwicke Farm in gorgeous Gloucestershire for 3 generations. 
We've always looked after our land and the wildlife whilst producing the highest quality organic pastures for

our herd of 80 beautiful cows.

We know ‘the Ladies’ all by name and we milk them personally every day to ensure they’re a happy, healthy bunch. Our milk, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir and cream leave our on farm dairy and within hours arrive on shop shelves, in restaurant kitchens, and on doorsteps nationwide, which means it really cannot be any fresher, and I'm confident cannot taste any better.

Please select from the options below to find out why the ladies and their products are so special...



Our Family

The Vaughan's have been farming at Hardwicke for 3 generations along side their herd of ladies....


Our Farm & Dairy

Hardwicke Farm is a picturesque landscape of traditionally rotated and farmed pasture, intermingled with woodland, oak trees and endless ancient hedgerows.

Our Kefir

Find out more about our fabulous unhomogenised kefir 


How We're Different

Looking after our ladies, our wildlife and farmland is why we do what we do...


Award Winning Products

We are confident that our milk, cream, kefir, cultured buttermilk and natural yoghurt cannot taste any better....


Our Ladies and Calves

They are our most treasured business partners...