My Grampy and Grandma (on my dad's side) moved to the farm from Frampton-on-severn in 1955. My Grampy had been a tank commander in the 2nd world war, when he returned to Britain he bought 3 cows - named after his tanks,(Bluebird, Gypsy and Glow-worm) and alongside the pigs he kept, and horses which worked the land, the Vaughan family farm was born. 

My dad - Mike Vaughan - worked alongside and fully took over from Grampy in1986 and continued his dad's tradition of low input farming. We always wanted to avoid intensive farming methods, so it was only natural that by 2000 my dad decided to get full organic status. For us this was really just about formalizing the methods we'd always farmed by.

This brings us to me, I've always lived at the farm, my mum (Janet) and dad had two girls and both of us live here at Hardwicke. I'm at the farm whilst Sophie, a teacher ,lives in the village. The passion for dairy farming passed to me and as a toddler I remember sitting in the milking parlour whilst mum and dad milked the cows.Sophie and I had endless hours of fun feeding the calves, exploring the farm and adopting many and varied pets over the years - at last count I've got 8 cats, 3dogs,11 goats and 4 horses.

After university in Aberystwyth I joined my dad in 2002 to work alongside him. He's taught me a great deal and we've managed to ride the tough times that farming has endured recently.

The respect my Grampy had in 1954 for his three ladies is the same respect my dad and I have for our herd of 80 today. We milk them personally everyday then bottle their milk at our own dairy so our milk is totally traceable. We think that this produces the happiest conditions for the ladies and therefore the best, tastiest and freshest milk possible.