Direct from us. Because the ladies are worth it!

Within minutes of leaving our cows, our milk is beginning it’s culturing process on it’s journey to becoming Kefir and ready to be delivered direct to your home. Your delivery will have left one of our lovely ladies on Monday morning and be on your doorstep by Thursday. We make our Kefir to order by hand and this does take a few days, when it is then shipped to you over night in an insulated box to arrive with you super fresh.


We include five 750ml bottles of our Kefir, which is enough to have a beneficial amount daily for over 3 weeks. Many people also enjoy our Kefir in larger quantities as it tastes so delicious!


On the morning of the delivery day (Thursday) you will receive an hour time slot and other tracking options from our chosen distributors DPD and also the option to leave it in a safe place. Our insulated boxes will keep it cool until you return later in the day. 


If our delivery day does not suit you, please do get in touch because if we can get enough demand for more delivery days,

we shall certainly introduce them.

Ordering & Delivery: 


Delivery is included in all of our prices.

Please ensure that your order is placed before 9am on Monday for delivery on Thursday. We make all our Kefir fresh to order and only deliver the freshest most delicious Kefir!


Our Kefir is made with our award winning unhomogenised organic whole milk (3.9% fat), whilst our Fat Free ‘Skinny‘ Kefir

is made using our skimmed milk at (0.3% fat). Five 750ml bottles of our fresh organic Kefir, made onsite at our farm for you before being delivered direct to your home, costs £36 for 22 days supply.

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