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Our farm is quite different for a vast amount of reasons, and our carbon footprint is tiny. We bottle our milk onsite in our own dairy - no tankers, no factories. The only journey our milk makes is from our onsite dairy to the shop shelf in our own delivery van.

  • We grow all our own forage on our farm – not relying on transported bought in feed.

  • We do not feed grain and straights – which have taken a huge amount of energy to produce.

  • We do not use fertilizers - which releases a tonne of carbon into the atmosphere for every tonne produced.


No packaging is perfect and we deliver using plastic bottles which are made from a high percentage of recycle plastic.


Not bottling in glass means:
We can deliver more from one vehicle without multiple trips due to excessive weight
It is suitable to be sold in a retail situation and transported by customers home
We do not use extra energy in the extensive sterilising facilities required for glass.

We hope the way we farm every day, filling our bottles with the most responsibly produced dairy products possible, offsets the negatives of a plastic bottle.

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