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What is so special about Jess’s Ladies Organic Kefir?

Kefir is special in itself, we have no doubt about it. The benefits are broad ranging and well documented. Full of a complex and highly variable community of lactic acids and yeasts, many claim Kefir persistently alters the gut to aid digestion and health. Even a small amount a day, around 160ml, is enough to have beneficial effects on the gut biome and the complex web of interactions many aspects of our body, health and mental well being makes in relation to it.

Our Kefir is made using our whole milk, whilst our ‘skinny’ fat free Kefir is made using our skimmed milk; so not only is it virtually lactose free (as all Kefir is) but fat free as well. We try to make Kefir that extra bit special, by making sure that it’s ingredients are second to none and as fresh as they can possibly be. Made on-site at our idyllic family farm in Gloucestershire, using unhomogenised award winning milk from our own herd of cows (or the ladies to their friends!) who we milk and care for ourselves everyday. We know every bit of love and care that goes in to every drop.

What other products do we make?

Alongside our award winning organic unhomogenised skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole and Special breakfast milk and cream ,we produce an increasing range of cultured products.

Our organic cultured buttermilk is achieving rave reviews with chefs nationwide and has gained the ladies their 70th Great Taste Star. Perfect for extra fluffy pancakes and delicious baking ,or marinading meats to improve tenderness and flavour, it is an asset in any kitchen.

Our live luxurious natural yoghurt has nothing added, no sugars,sweeteners or stabilisers. It is simply made onsite using our unhomogenised organic milk to produce a rich and intense natural yoghurt. 3 stars in the great taste awards and world top 50 food accolades go some way to prove it really is quite special.


We rely totally on the natural flavours of the beautiful organic milk our ladies produce, no nasties are ever added to our products. We simply process it in agentle way to let it’s natural flavour shine through. We are very proud that all of our products have won multiple great taste gold stars. Having our own processing plant onsite at our family farm, allows us to put a huge amount of love and care into everything we produce.

To purchase our other produce online (if you are not lucky enough to live near any of our wonderful stockists!) please head to www.naturalgrocery.co.uk with free delivery alongside other groceries over £40 nationwide.


Please do keep an eye on our social media platforms for any future developments and regular updates from the ladies!

If you own a business that may like a regular supply of jess’s ladies produce, please do get in touch with us.