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It’s always special when a calf is born, within minutes of birth they’re up and suckling from their mum. The colostrum mum produces gives the calf the best nutrients and antibodies possible providing the foundation for its immune system for the rest of its life. For eight weeks they’re reared on their mum’s milk in social groups before being weaned onto organic nuts and hay.

We treat our mums in a special way, we don’t push our ladies for production. Because of our natural farming methods we see them all the time, and having a small herd allows us to tend to their well being in every way, starting with their diet.
In the summer they graze on our lush organic pasture, whilst in winter they feed on high quality organic clover silage that we spend the summer harvesting for them.


If any health treatments are needed we use homeopathic remedies and try to avoid antibiotics. Even before our ladies come into calve they have a “dry” period of 2 months during which they are not milked and allowed to rest and relax.
Once their offspring have grown, they join the milking herd and so the cycle goes on. 
This means that many of our Ladies are descendants of my Grampy’s original three cows in 1955 - Bluebird, Gypsy and Glow-worm.

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