Hardwicke Farm is located at the base of the Severn Valley in view of the Cotswold hills. It is a picturesque landscape of traditionally rotated and farmed pasture, intermingled with woodland, oak trees and endless ancient hedgerows.

A habitat for wildlife
Routed in tradition, our farm provides a wonderful habitat for wildlife which flourishes alongside our herds. Amongst our residents we have countless buzzards, finches, songbirds, swallows, woodpeckers, and many beautiful barn owls. Living alongside these creatures reminds us daily of the importance of respecting the interaction between farming practices and countryside food chains. Their presence proves that our farming, our Ladies and the natural wildlife can live in perfect harmony.

An obsession for soil
The tradition also extends into our care of the soil. We cultivate the soil to provide the best naturally sustainable farmland through rotation and integration rather than pesticides and herbicides. From organic compost to subtle changes in our activities based on the weather this respect produces a soil packed with life and bio diversity.
Our permanent meadows along the canal are never ploughed, the rest is grass and white and red clover leys that we grow in rotation for 2-4 years. The white is used for grazing and the red is used to produce winter feed.

Totally traceable for a better taste
This may seem like a lot of attention to detail, however we believe that the care we give to our soil has a direct relationship to our integration with nature, the happiness and health of our ladies and the quality and taste of our totally traceable organic milk.